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The Works



My current works are predominately simple coil forms fired in primitive raku and pit kilns. This approach of minimal construction and decoration is both an aesthetic preference and a structural one. The archaeological appearance of the pit fire and unpredictable lustres of the raku are examples of a simple elegance. The asymmetrical potential of the almost childlike coil pot a preference to the symmetry of the wheel.

These pots are from 2005 - 2007 raku and pit firings and exercises in scale.

Seed pods, 2007

This large banksia pod was developed during a workshop with Barbara Campbell-Allen that focused on scale. Here a 10cm pod is recreated as a 30cm structure or vessel. The textures of the banksia and protrusions of the open seed pods providing interesting ideas for future work.
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seed pod
Slab construction, 2007

This pot was built from a number of palm-sized slabs. The important elements in this experiment were the use of texture before construction and the manipulation of form and texture once the piece was finished. The effect is an interesting sculptural work in which the process of making has contributed to the final texture. During construction the pots was stretched and joined form the inside with as little impact on the outside texture as possible. The pot was brushed with a chocolate brown slip while still wet is finished with a dry oatmeal glaze for a ruddy, earthy finish that suits this method of construction (photos to come). Influences in this method include the Nigerian potter Lawson Oyekan.
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Slab construction
My People, 2006

In 2006 I started to explore the human figure as an extension of my sculptural ceramic pots. My people are coil pots fired in a raku kiln with a white crackle glaze. Special affects were achieved by sprinkling water onto the figures immediately after they had been taken out of the kiln and placed in the sawdust.
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My people

Nodding Pots, 2006
These pit fired pots have an asymmetrical lean and appear to be nodding. Highly polished, these pot were sprayed with copper carbonate before being placed in the kiln.
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Bisque, Raku, 2006

Untitled, 2005
A pair of vessel based on the raku pots of UK potter David Roberts. Designed to complement each other, these pots are decorated with white crackle glaze.
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Untitled, Raku, 2005

Found in the bush, 2005
This wood fired vessel almost resembles a wood or leather object as a result of the burnished finish and nutty colours produced by the flames of the pit.
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Untitled, Woodfire, 2005
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